Msgr. 爱德华J. 狄龙




Holy Spirit Prep is a premier Catholic preparatory school dedicated to the formation of the Catholic person by instilling the principles of the Gospel in students of all ages. 为此目的, 我们不仅努力教导纯正教义的教义, but we also encourage our students to embody the Gospel in their daily lives.

圣灵预备学校校长, 我很荣幸能确保我们的古典音乐, college preparatory education is anchored in an authentically Catholic environment and incorporated into all aspects of school life.

这里是圣灵预备学校, we affirm the Catholic Church’s conviction that parents are the primary educators of their children. 作为天主教学校, we seek to become a guide and partner with parents in the formation of their children, 鼓励家长积极参与我们的十大玩彩信誉平台.

We hope you experience our joyful community – a “family of families” – as we work in a fruitful partnership to educate and form our next generation.


Msgr. 爱德华J. 狄龙


Our 学前教育 seeks to ground our students in the joyful practice of the Catholic faith through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS). We believe that even the youngest children can have a relationship with God – and that this relationship is best cultivated by the experience of beauty, 祈祷, 还有圣礼.

CGS centers around “the atrium,” an intentional space that helps facilitate spiritual growth. 专门为CGS演示和实践活动指定, the atrium encourages students to learn about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with a child-sized altar, 酒杯装, 和调味瓶.


The 较低的学校 at Holy Spirit Preparatory School provides countless opportunities to connect and enrich the spiritual lives of our students, 教师, 和家庭. Our primary objective is to help the Holy Spirit Prep community to grow in the faith of the Catholic Church and encounter the person of Jesus Christ.

较低的学校 students can put their faith into action with grade-level 服务 projects, 美德养成程序, 以及对圣体的崇拜. Our campus ministry team also serves our 2nd-grade students and their families through preparation classes to make their 第一个 Penance and receive the Lord at their 第一个 Holy Communion.


深受天主教的影响, Holy Spirit Prep’s 中学 strives to foster spiritual growth and the development of a personal relationship with Christ through a robust Theology curriculum and frequent opportunities for participation in Mass, 忏悔, 祈祷, 服务, 精神指引.

专注于仆人式领导, 中学 students can experience and share Christ’s love by planning and leading 撤退, 当祭台侍从, and participating in House 服务罗马教皇的职位 (which includes volunteering in the community).

中学 students also participate in a Virtue Program to learn the practice of virtue. 与家长合作, 教师, 以及校园事工, leaders work with each 中学 student to develop a personalized Formation Plan, in which students set goals and objectives in four key areas: 学者, 灵性, 个人发展, 和服务.


以天主教教会的权威教义为基础的, our high school curriculum seeks to form students in the tradition of faith seeking understanding by cultivating an appreciation for the harmony between faith and reason and a commitment to the truth of Divine Revelation.

教室外, our students can grow in the faith by receiving spiritual direction and participating in the Holy Mass, 忏悔, 每周敬拜圣餐, 每天祈祷, 服务罗马教皇的职位, 每年的静修.

Our 高中 students experience the Sacrament of Confirmation regularly, 作为学生团体庆祝每周弥撒, 庆祝五月加冕, 去罗马做一次高级朝圣, 意大利.


We have found the experience to be more than we could have ever imagined for our son. 通过学校的学术, 一贯的宗教教义, 和体育, 哈利又找回了自信. The Holy Spirit family of educators has far exceeded any of our expectations. 工作人员, 牧师, 老师, 教练, and students have been encouraging and inclusive to a new student coming in making the transition seamless. 圣灵预备学校让我们激动不已.


Fr. 胡安-帕布鲁



Our campus ministry helps each student grow in faith and learn to love God and neighbor. 受基督的话语和信仰的启发, 我们致力于实践校训, Ministrāre non ministrārī -“服务, 不上菜.”

Fr. 胡安-帕布鲁, 还有教职员工, offer countless opportunities to enhance the spiritual formation of our students. 这些机会包括每周弥撒, 祈祷仪式, 撤退, 以及在学校和更广泛的社区提供服务的机会.


The great philosophers of the Christian tradition knew that the pursuit of God wasn’t simply an intellectual undertaking – it was spiritual. To know God well, both the heart and the mind must be shaped through the inculcation of virtue. 这里是圣灵预备学校, we teach students the practice of virtue by focusing on different virtues at each of the four different developmental stages as they relate to the Sacraments. 这, 反过来, guides students to live in a way that will ultimately give them happiness in this life and the next.




Help us to remember that you have a special place in your heart for us.
Help us to remember that our school is a communion of souls destined for joy.


Grant us magnanimity, a greatness of soul, so that all the other virtues we might 追求获得就会开花结果.
Grant us wisdom and prudence, so that we may make good decisions for the rest 我们的生活.
Grant us the development of heart, mind, body, and soul such that we might 在你对我们生活的计划中表现出色.

And grant that we may all seek communion with you and with one another.

我们奉主耶稣基督的名祈求这一切. 阿门.


Holy Spirit Preparatory School’s campus is immediately adjacent to 圣灵天主教堂, 亚特兰大总教区的一个教区. 成立于1964年, 这个充满活力的教区社区大约有1万人,900个家庭,目的是让神的国度在世界上出现. Parishioners support various ministries such as the Knights of Columbus, 为军队打结的念珠, 家庭团契, 教义问答类, and more to grow in the 信仰 and serve those within the parish boundary and beyond.